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Pet Training in Ronkonkoma, NY

Training your dog is critical for getting along with him or her and building a strong bond that makes for a great pet-to-owner relationship. Instead of putting up with a dog that has accidents on your white rug or a pup that tears up throw pillows while you’re away at work, The K-9 Center offers you effective and affordable training solutions in the Ronkonkoma, Holbrook and Suffolk County, NY areas. 

Every dog and owner is unique; therefore we offer a free evaluation and interview with you and your pet to get to the bottom of your needs. After your evaluation, John will give you a custom training plan and price to achieve your behavior goals. Our training comes with a lifetime training guarantee which means you may attend training lessons for the life of your dog at no additional cost.

From obedience to agility and protection, we do it all. No problem or dog is too small or too large.
Dog Training Suffolk County, NY

Proudly offering dog boarding & training classes in the Suffolk County, NY area. Call today to schedule your FREE evaluation.

We have many flexible training programs to fit your needs.

Board and Train:
Our “Board and Train” program consists of 12 days of dog boarding with one-on-one training up to 3 times per day. This training course will address obedience and any specific behaviors you are focused on. When you pick up your dog we will show you how to continue to enforce the proper behaviors we have instilled. Board and Train comes with a lifetime training guarantee which entitles you to come for training lessons for the life of your dog at no additional charge. (Please call for pricing )

Basic Obedience: 
Private and Group Lessons for the life of your dog. Price upon free evaluation. Lifetime guarantee.

Basic Obedience: 
Pay by the lesson.(Please call for pricing )
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