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Responsible Dog Breeding & Mating
For the Greater Suffolk County, NY Area

Dog breeding is a careful and safe practice of mating selected dogs with the goal of maintaining or producing favorable qualities and characteristics. When you choose to get a dog that is bred, you can feel confident in the physical traits they will have, including size, coat, color, shape of the head, whether the ears prick up or hang down, and more. The temperament and attitude can also be more predictable. 

We breed German Shepherds from German and Czech lines and Belgian Shepherds (Malinois) from champion Belgian stock. Check out some of these popular breeds below.
Dog Breeding Suffolk County, NY

Breed Profile: German Shepherd

German Shepherds from Czech working lines originated in communist Czechoslovakia. A foundation of working dogs were bred in this area largely for border patrol work. The Czech bloodlines are dominated by dogs with a foundation of popular border patrol dogs and Czech military dogs. Specific to this type of dog, the original breeding of Czech dogs revolved around the Czechoslovakian Army’s Pohranicni Straze kennel. This particular bloodline contains phenomenal working drives and they also tend to be intense, agile working dogs.
Breed Profile: Belgian Shepherds (Malinois)
Dogs of the Belgian Malinois dog breed were first bred to be herding dogs. Now, Belgian Shepherds (Malinois) also work as police dogs, protection dogs, and family companions. When properly bred and trained, these pups are intense, intelligent, and athletic companions. They are tolerant of cold weather, easy to groom, and generally maintain good health. 
Dog Breeding Suffolk County, NY
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Are you ready to bring home a new addition to the family? If you are finally ready to bring a puppy into your life, then please call our dog breeders today. Although it can be fun to bring a puppy home from a local, amateur breeder, there is nothing worse than knowing your pup was brought up in less than favorable conditions. 

When you call us, you can rest assured that we keep our animals clean, safe, and comfortable. Our practices are proven to produce well-tempered, beautiful, and joyful dogs, and you can be certain that their living conditions are great as well. Call now to discuss breeds and set forth on your journey to bringing home a new furry friend! We proudly serve the greater Suffolk County, NY area.
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